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In addition I have worked in Livelihood income generation activities and with Annual and Perennial crops (vegetables grains and Fruits ) and focused in increasing the productivity of alternative crops to poppy production increase internally production and sustainable commercial agriculture and related agribusiness effected by poppy helping local economies transition away from dependency on illicit opium production and Agriculture value chain development Project management and have been as capacity building of farmers delivering Agriculture training such as land preparation and cultivation of wheat Maize watermelon Potatoes fish ponds establishment Nursery establishment Green house establishment to community local farmers

I closely worked with communities Government line departments and other international organization. I have impressive written and verbal communication skills extremely organized can work independently and an able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done 


Agriculture faculty Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Nangarhar University - Sep 2001 - May 2005
Graduated from Agriculture faculty Agronomy Dep 


Livelihood coordinator Unknow Location ID

Norwegian Project Office / Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (NPO/RRAA) - Apr 2008 - Dec 2012

Vocational trainer Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Norwegian Project Office / Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (NPO/RRAA) - Apr 2012 - Dec 2014

Agronomist Nangarhar, Afghanistan

NPO/RRAA - Apr 2014 - Nov 2016
The Agronomist is responsible to formulate Agricultural program implementation approach for RPH according to the NPO/RRAA objectives and policies. Agronomists is responsible to develop agriculture programs implementation system and evaluate the capacity of the CDC members and provide required training to CDC members agronomist reports directly to the district manager and is responsible for standardization of documentation and will coordinate the agriculture program with district level with all stake holders .Assisted in any other work related to agriculture(Training to local farmers) Implementation of Agricultural projects such as Green House Fish ponds Nurseries establishment Establishment of orchards Vegetables and potato Demo plots and water Melon wheat and Maize distribution and women related projects such as Poultry Goats and kitchen gardening and fulfill any other duties assigned by the district and program Managers\r\n
 Direct cooperation with NPO/RRAA’s district manager in all agriculture state of affairs and watershed.\r\n
 Development of short and long terms agriculture approach for NPO/RRAA.\r\n
 Develop agriculture evaluation system within RPH.\r\n
 Monitor and Evaluate RPH agriculture program activities /collect required indicators for future evaluation and development.\r\n
 Establishment of fishpond and conducting related training to fishpond owner \r\n
 Identify basic needs for training and provide required training to CDC relevant members. \r\n
 Cooperate and coordinate RPH agriculture program activities within district Offices and other agriculture related agencies.\r\n
 Liaison with other agencies and line department of the government involved in development of agriculture programs.\r\n
 Participate in all meetings related to agriculture. \r\n
 Provide and review all agriculture program reports and proposals.\r\n
 Report findings and results of field visits to the district and program Managers\r\n
 Implement the Annual Activity Plan for the crops involved in the program.\r\n
 Organize farmer’s registration and distribution of the inputs in the field 

ERD oficer Unknow Location ID

IRC ( International Rescue Committee) - Nov 2016 - Sep 2018


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