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Rahmat Shah Aliyar Resume

Phone: 093 (0) 797 104
Address: Address: Old Taimani Square Road 13th Handokash block 5 floor Apt 17


Bechalor Degree at Civil Engineering Antalya, Turkey

Akdeniz University - Jan 1970 - Nov -0001

High School Unknow Location ID

İshkashum Boys High School - Apr 2000 - Jul 2012


Office Intern Antalya, Turkey

Denay Construction and Architecture Company - Feb 2017 - Nov -0001
• Conducted market research on construction materials and price quotations from suppliers and reported to senior management for decision making. \r\n
• Gained experience in utilizing STA4CAD to determine the safety and design of building under various conditions. \r\n
• Participated in construction inspections construction investigations and field surveys on a daily basis.\r\n
• Provided assistance to other engineering and construction personnel as required on a regular basis.  

Site Engineer Intern Antalya, Turkey

Düden Construction İnspection Company - Jul 2016 - Nov -0001
• Visited around 150 construction sites for monitoring and evaluation with site supervisor. \r\n
• Contributed in writing of the monitoring reports of construction sites post visits.\r\n
• Completed quality assurance checklist for procumbent of design and construction materials \r\n
• Attended meetings and workshops on building design and cost estimations. \r\n
• Handled reports and document tracking sheets project documentation invoice/agreement verification and building permit applications.  


Language skills

Pashtu, Urdu, Turkish, Persian, English

Computer skills

Other skills

Available on request
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Employment Level
Work Experience
1 Years
Civil Engineer
Education degree