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Field Officer Project Director Resume

Phone: 0788624328
Address: PD 16 Kabul Afghanistan


Project Doretor Kabul, Afghanistan

JRS - Jun 2015 - Nov -0001
1. Responsible for all JRS programs in his operational area.\r\n2. Adheres to the JRS policies and procedures in the implementation of programs.\r\n3. Meets the staff of his team regularly; discusses the programs; shares his expertise and experience; contributes to their capacity building; and encourages them.\r\n4. Visits each JRS center of learning at least once a month according to schedule. Monitors and records the progress of the programs. Listens to gives feedback and supports the teachers in carrying forward the programs effectively. \r\n5. Informs the HR Officer about teachers’ attendance about teachers who discontinue their work with JRS and upcoming job vacancies /new appointments to be made. \r\n6. In cooperation with HR Officer and Finance Officer conducts a planned/standard orientation program for newly appointed teachers before sending them into the field for their assignments (Mission and strategy lesson plans reporting ect.; HR concerns contract code of conduct child protection; regulations related to payments).\r\n7. Guides the team of teachers in effective functioning by planning and conducting various training sessions /workshops /seminars with active staff participation (in coordination with Communications/Peace Officer and HR Officer)\r\n8. Makes sure the teachers submit their requests for teaching material on time and coordinates the logistic arrangements/purchasing of it with Finance Officer so that teachers have the necessary supplies for their work on time.\r\n9. Analyses the needs on the ground and initiates the necessary steps asap to carry out emergency and repair works. Plans special functions/celebrations in schools and office and coordinates their organization with Finance and HR/Communications Officer.\r\n10. Administers project finances and guarantees proper accounting of all project expenses in cooperation with the Finance/Administrative Officer. Makes sure that works and activities are implemented within the approved project budget.\r\n11. Prepares the monthly quarterly six monthly and annual narrative reports of the programs with the support of the Communication Officer (editing) and makes sure the activity report reaches the Country Director every month on schedule.\r\n12. For the ongoing year plans new programs and prepares the budget estimates; submits to the Country Director for the approval.\r\n13. Helps the Country Director to prepare the annual action plan and budget. \r\n14. Ensures that quality materials and equipment needed for the project are obtained at the best possible rates; monitors and regulates use of materials and equipment by the JRS team. \r\n15. Collaborates and cooperates with all levels of JRS office staff for the smooth functioning of the office and of the programs.\r\n16. Conducts or chairs regular teachers’ meetings and trainings\r\n17. Participates in weekly office staff meetings and in meetings organized by like-minded NGOs or the government and in the annual review and planning meeting of JRS.\r\n18. Is accountable to the Country Director and reports to him or to staff designated by him. Abides by the contract CSF Code of Conduct and the job description.


Language skills

Dari (Farsi)

Computer skills

MS. Office

Other skills

Better in communication

Available on request
Job Title
Field Officer
Employment Level
Work Experience
2 Years
Education degree